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This is a money faucet.

In this section you get free money prizes for just solving a captcha and viewing an ad. That's all! You can do it several times a day.
You may ask how could that be? Well we actually pay visitors with the money earned from Popup networks and CoinURL redirects, that is how this business works.
The new trend for easy moneymaking are the so-called faucets like this one, which give you also the ability to invite friends (referrals) and receive bonuses automatically each time your referrals use the faucet.
We do that too of course, just earn your first prize and you'll see further instructions on how to multiply your income by inviting referrals.
Read the Money faucet referrals paragraph after you have got the prize.
This faucet gives people the option to get money in three different currencies: Dollars, Bitcoins and Litecoins.

What is Bitcoin and what is Litecoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency born in 2009 and which "lives" on the Internet only, in the sense that it is actually stored in people's computers that are connected together in a peer-to-peer network sharing info about the balances of each one and their transactions.
You may ask what is the value of 1 Bitcoin? That is decided by market, it currently is worth around 250$ and you can always check its value in USD or other currencies at popular trade services like Bitstamp or BTC-e, where you can buy/sell them too.
If you want to receive some bitcoins from StealThePixels, you need a Bitcoin wallet. The simplest way is to get one on the cloud at which is free and does not require download/install.
What about Litecoin? It is an evolution of Bitcoin born in 2011 which improves some technical aspects like transaction speed.
You need a Litecoin wallet to be able to receive them from StealThePixels. Register at to get a cloud one.
To learn more about these currencies, you can watch some Bitcoin video tutorials listed on the official forum.